Quit Smoking For Good

Many friends become clients and many clients become friends. That is the way of the world. And it is a truly good thing, because who does not want what is best for their friends?

Remember when you first met your friends/clients? Things were different. Maybe it was in the 60’s or 70’s or 80’s. Maybe they did not have kids yet. Maybe they still smoked.

We get a lot of requests to do policy reviews. One thing that stands out the most is the amount of older policies that have smoker rates. It makes sense, smoking was much more mainstream. However, it has been decades since Americans stopped smoking en masse.

If someone committed to living a healthier lifestyle than they were, shouldn’t their premiums reflect that as well? According to most carriers, that answer is, YES! At the same time, these carriers are still charging many people as though they still take a cigarette break every hour, or if they use hqd vapes – in the form of a vaping state tax. An alternative for smoking is to find the Best Vape Shop Online Canada to help ensure that you consume only the best. Your friends, clients, family members, and even you should review older policies and you just might be surprised at how many people can free up some money by removing the smoker status from old policies. It is time to finally quit smoking, for good.