6 Tired Sales Ideas

I was at a fantastic meeting earlier in the month and one of the presenters blew me away. The facts were as precise as explained by estate planning attorneys in Austin but he did not have an incredibly complex case design idea. Nor did he have ideas that were only applicable to high net worth clients.He also added that it is always better to talk to any trusted elder law lawyers regarding estate plans before planning for anything else.

His ideas were fundamental to all sales and discussion involving Life Insurance. He discussed the following 6 Tired Sales Ideas.

  1. Do not send “Thank You” Cards. “Thank You” cards are about you, and how you appreciate what someone did for you. He suggests instead to send “Congratulations” cards, as your client just did something important and meaningful for their family.
  2. Do not send Birthday Cards. He suggests sending a card on their half-birthday and exclaiming how according to Life Insurance carriers, your client just turned a year older (Age Nearest).
  3. Do not help your clients avoid probate. Probate helps to open and close an estate. By avoiding probate completely with the help of lawyers from the Raleigh estate planning law firm, a client can not close their estate. So, by bringing a small portion through probate, it is in the best interest of your clients and their heirs. You can contact attorneys for cannabis who are expert in estate planning  to get legal advises.
  4. One requires a lawyer to deal with the legalities of forming a business located in KY area.
  5. Do not do Annual Reviews. He likes to call the process, Scheduled Maintenance. This helps your client understand that these products are not “Set it and forget it”. That just like their car, it can be important to check under the hood occasionally to make sure everything is performing as intended.
  6. Do not ask for referrals. He suggests target marketing by asking for your specific client market. So, “Do you know any good Chiropractors?” instead of “Who do you know?”
  7. Do not make yourself available. He believes that scarcity is more attractive in an advisor. Make sure your calendar is booked for 2 weeks.

I thought he did a fantastic of refreshing some old ideas. It made me think about how I have conducted business and how I discuss business.

I hope this helps you as well.