Annuity Rates are Sky-Rocketing

Late last year we decided to start putting out a rate sheet for the top Fixed Annuities products we offer. If you have not checked them out, there are links in every Newsletter we send out and/or you can feel free to contact me and I will send them to you.

Instead of updating the same sheet week in and week out I have been creating unique sheets for each week. This means that I can go back in time and see the rates for specific carriers at different times. It also means that I can track trends in annuity rates.

It might not surprise you, but rates have gone up. I am not talking about small increases either. In New York, the top rates for products with 3-year to 10-year guarantee periods have increased an average of 28.25% this year. Outside of New York they have increased an average of 27.15%.

If you have clients sitting in CDs at the bank, with no need for liquidity, check out the current line of Fixed Annuities, I am sure we can find one that fits your clients needs.