Join the Club

One of the delights of my day-to-day work is when someone asks me where they can go to learn more about products, carriers, regulations, etc.

I absolutely love getting these questions since I am a huge proponent of self-improvement and learning.

The first thing I offer is my help. I am always happy to discuss anything in our industry. If there is something that I am not qualified to talk about or do not feel comfortable discussing, Algren has some fantastic Advanced Markets contacts at various carriers with varying expertise that can assist.

The second thing I suggest is joining an industry association. There is the Society of Financial Services Professionals (SFSP), the Financial Planning Association (FPA), the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), the National Association Of Insurance And Financial Advisors (NAIFA), the Association for Advanced Life Underwriting (AALU), and more depending on your personal preference. Personally, I belong to the SFSP and I find it to be a huge asset for my own personal development.

The third thing I suggest is working to achieve a professional designation. I am currently stalled on my CLU but I have plans to start studying for it again before the end of the year, with the goal of completing it before 2021.

If you are interested in learning more but are not sure which path may be right for you, always feel free to call me to discuss it.