To The Future

Do you ever sit and think about what we do for a living? The amazing impact it has not just today, but in the future?

I was helping an advisor put together a plan for clients of his that just had an infant. Part of the plan included some coverage for their newborn.

While I was running some illustrations it hit me, there is a very good chance that this policy would not pay out this century. Think about that. Someone born today will only be 81 when the year 2100 rolls around.

I am a big fan of Science Fiction. If you were to tell me there is a great book that takes place in the year 2100, I would be all over it. One thing that is never discussed in these stories… Life Insurance.

If George Orwell would have mentioned that people no longer required Life Insurance in 1984, no one would have believed that between 1949 and “The Future”, Life Insurance wouldn’t be there. The entire story would have been ruined.

2001: A Space Odyssey wouldn’t have seemed plausible if HAL had mentioned Life Insurance to Dave and Dave had no clue what HAL was talking about.

While we have no idea what the future holds, we do know that people will always have a need for Life Insurance. Even in Sci-Fi.

So, I challenge you to take a moment the next time you are sitting with your clients to help them plan. Sit back and casually point out that the policy you are discussing could pay out after a human has walked on Mars. It could pay out after we have learned how to mine the asteroid belt. It could pay out after we have found a cure for Cancer or AIDS or both.

The future may be hard to predict, but just like George Orwell, Arthur C. Clark, and countless others understood, the only thing we can count on, is that Life Insurance will remain in any and all futures laid out in front of us.