The Company That Cares

I received a few voice mails last week telling me that I am not allowed to go on conferences, and/or if I must, that I need to let everyone know beforehand.

First, “Thank you”. It is very much appreciated to be recognized as an asset.

Second, if you want me to continue being valuable, please let me take a few days every now and then to focus on growing my abilities.

With that out of the way. Last week was incredibly valuable for me (and I look forward to passing it on to you). I spent three days in Binghamton New York becoming acquainted with Security Mutual, their sales force, their products, and their staff.

I was blown away. I will not go into too many details, but I will tell you that what came across the most is how much they care. The conference started with the CEO – Bruce Boyea – thanking the entire staff before he addressed – and thanked – the rest of us. He then invited up a wounded warrior from Sweethearts and Heroes to speak of the power, we all have, to give hope to others.

Throughout the course of three days I had the opportunity to speak with Bruce, the staff, and their advisors. I am confident when I say, it is not a gimmick. Security Mutual cares.

This matters to me a great deal. Our industry is grounded in emotions, usually sadness and loss. The number one reason for purchasing a Life Insurance policy is, People Care. To have a carrier that puts caring above all else is admirable to me.

To show how much Algren believes that caring is imperative to the health of our industry, we are offering bonuses on commissions from Security Mutual Whole’s line of Whole Life products. Learn about the prostate cancer symptoms and take care of your health.

The next time your client asks for Whole Life Illustrations, I can assure you that not only do Security Mutual look competitive on paper, they look even better ethically and morally.