Paper Application Blues

Are you sick and tired of 40+ page paper applications? If not, you are alone.

For several years Algren Associates has offered our EZApp as one solution for dealing with the time consuming – and often confusing – task of taking Term Applications.

You probably know this. What you may not know is that our EZApp initiates a process most carriers call “Dropping a Ticket”. This is a fancy way of saying that the Application is going to be taken by the carrier in a Phone Interview.

This has many benefits for you and your clients as carriers are far better equipped to ask every question on their applications as well as any follow-up questions.

What you may not know is that this is not the only way to submit business that does not include reams of paper. Many carriers offer Electronic Application capabilities. This gives you the option to prefill much of the application prior, during or after your meeting. Once you complete and submit it, your client is emailed a copy that they can sign electronically which then forwards to you for signatures.

This process varies between carriers and states but overall, we are finding that our advisors who are using these processes, love them.

The best part is that most carriers allow you to utilize these processes for all their products, not just Term.

We welcome you to try this with your next application. Call Brandon at (212) 594-9889 x223 and he will be happy to walk you through the process.