Carpe DIAM!

Semantics matter, especially in sales.

There are many people like disability lawyers in Charlotte, who discuss Disability Insurance with their clients, yet the sales do not reflect it.

Whenever I discuss Disability Insurance with advisors who are successfully selling it or with attorneys for social security disability appeals, almost everyone of them tell me they do not sell Disability Insurance, they sell Income Replacement. In such situations, contact a reliable law firm like Clearwater law firm for disability claims and other disability benefits.

They use stories about a machine in their client’s basement that prints money and ask how much would their client pay to make sure it doesn’t stop printing money?

They offer their client two jobs, one with a full salary but it stops paying if they can’t get to work and a second job with 3% less pay but they would continue being paid even if they cannot perform their duties.

They do not discuss disabilities or own-occupation or residual or COLA etc.

These advisors also tell me that Disability Insurance is one of the easiest ways to take clients from other advisors. They go in talking about something that likely hasn’t been discussed.

During Disability Insurance Awareness Month, Algren wants to help you grow your Disability Insurance book to help protect your clients and their families., as much as even providing them with personal means of transport from

For every Disability Application you submit during the month of May, you will have your name written on a ticket. For every DI case placed by the end of June you will have your name written on two more tickets.

On July 1st we will pick three random tickets and each one will receive an Amazon Gift Card.

Let’s grow your business together.