Let’s Work Together

It’s no secret that selling Life Insurance isn’t as glamorous as giving investment advice nor does it have as steady income as benefits and Property & Casualty. We know our process is archaic, frustrating and can takes months from start to finish.

None of this is news to us.

What we do not understand is why there seems to be a lack of strategic partnerships.

I have yet to find a financial advisor that dismisses risk management’s importance in a financial plan. Yet, I have found many that do not employ risk management in their process. Nor do they refer their client to a specialist.

I have asked repeatedly why they do not refer business. The most commons answers are that they don’t trust anyone who works for commissions and/or that they are scared the “Life Guy” will hurt their AUM bottom line.

My answer to these objections are simple. If you aren’t working with someone, your client is going to go to someone you don’t know, who may very well be in competition with you, and you then stand to lose all control over their risk management strategy. Take the time to meet some people who are professional Life Insurance Advisors. Establish a relationship and develop trust.

So, let’s work together. Life Insurance isn’t glamorous or easy, but it is important. If you do not want to get involved in the sales process, that’s ok, we can introduce you to people that can help you, help your clients.